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1567 Mount Vernon Road, Suite 112
Atlanta, GA 30338

2132 Oxford St
Berkeley, CA, 94704
United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer shipping for your products?
Currently, we do not offer shipping at this time as we are focused on expanding our storefronts across the U.S. and Canada. Check our website, which we regularly update, for a location near you!


Is everything you sell vegan? 
Yes! All of our products are produced on vegan-friendly equipment and in a 100% dedicated vegan facility. Our baking sugars are derived from beets, our marshmallows are free of gelatin and our other ingredients are all flavored with fruit, spices and plant-derived oils. Our rolls, brownies, cookies, cakes and beverages are all 100% vegan! Look for the product guarantee sticker in our stores and find more information about why we're vegan in the About Us section of our website.


Do you offer any gluten-free items? 
No. Our products are not intended for those who suffer from serious gluten related illnesses and we do not offer gluten-free items at this time. As of now, we do not have plans to expand our menu to offer gluten-free items any time in the near future. 


I have food related allergies. Do your rolls contain nuts/eggs/dairy or soy?
All of our products are dairy/lactose and egg free! Our ingredients do not contain any nuts directly. However, we do offer nuts as a topping and some of our nut flavored extracts may contain nut oil. Because all of our products are made using shared equipment, there is a possibility that nuts or nut oil may have come into contact with our products. Our products DO contain soy. Find a full list of our ingredients HERE.


Is Cinnaholic a franchise? How can I find more info?
Yes! Cinnaholic started as an independent, family owned bakery in 2010 and have since partnered with the Atlanta Franchise Group, which continues to open stores around the country. Find out how you can get involved HERE.


Are you able to cater for larger events?
Yes! Contact your local Cinnaholic store a few days in advance from the date of your event to discuss the details of how we can best serve your needs.


Why is there a wait when I come into the store? 
We want to make sure that you get the freshest product possible. In order to maintain freshness, we bake a new batch of rolls every 20 minutes to assure they come out soft, fluffy and warm every time. On occasion, someone will place a large order or we will experience “a rush” requiring us to increase the rotation of our rolls. The average wait time during a rush is 13 minutes or less to bake a brand new tray of rolls. We encourage those with larger orders or those who are in a hurry, to call the store and place your order over the phone to avoid a wait. 

How long will my rolls stay fresh? Can I travel with them?
We recommend consuming our products as soon as you purchase them. However, our rolls and frostings will stay fresh for 5-7 days and can be frozen for longer! 

If you're traveling, please let us know. We will package your frosting and toppings in separate containers and wrap your rolls so that they are air-tight to avoid drying out.


What was it like being on ABC's “Shark Tank”?
EXCITING! And terrifying. Everything you see is exactly how it happens in real life. Very quick, to the point and intense. There were several months of preparation and research we had to do before making it to the final round. The only time we had direct contact with the “sharks” was during filming. We are beyond grateful to the network as well as the “sharks” to have been given the opportunity to appear as a guest on the show. We'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!


What happened with the deal on “Shark Tank” with Robert Herjavec?
As many people saw on television, we accepted a deal from Robert Herjavec that was intended to be focused on shipping nationwide. After much thought and discussion, we decided to go in a different direction and focus on expanding our storefronts instead. Robert and his team were extremely cooperative and pleasant to work with despite us declining their original offer. 


Do you deliver?
At this time, we do not offer delivery service. There are several third party companies such as Postmates or Door Dash that may be able to arrange delivery service for you. Check your local listings. 


Where can I find nutritional information?


Where are the bakeries located?


How do I apply for a job at Cinnaholic?


Can Cinnaholic donate to my charity?
We are happy to discuss donation opportunities whose commitment to their passions matches ours. Please contact your local Cinnaholic store or email us for more information on how we may be able to work with you.


Do you offer any sugar-free items?
No. All of our products are made with vegan beet sugar. 


Do you offer gift cards?
Yes! We offer gift cards in any amount in most of our stores. Check with your nearest Cinnaholic location for availability. Gift cards may only be redeemed at the location where they were purchased. 


Do your products contain carageenan?
While we do not add carageenan into our products directly, it can be found as a byproduct in some of the ingredients we use to make our rolls, cookies and cookie dough.


Do you use organic ingredients?
Some of our ingredients are available in organic form and some are not. We try to buy organic when possible. 


Do you use palm oil?
We are cognizant of the palm oil issues taking place in other parts of the world and have made our supplier aware of our concerns. We are pleased to share with you that they are fully committed to responsible palm oil sourcing and sustainable production. 

Here is their policy: "We are firmly committed to only sourcing palm oil from companies whose operations have been independently verified as compliant with the measures set forth by the POIG."


Are you kosher certified?
Our Atlanta, GA location is kosher certified. Our Boca Raton location is kosher certified, pareve and pas yisroel.


Are your products non-GMO?
Not all of our ingredients are organic, some of them may contain GMO's.