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1567 Mount Vernon Road, Suite 112
Atlanta, GA 30338

2132 Oxford St
Berkeley, CA, 94704
United States


A Franchise Success Story

Florian & Shannon Radke

"We want to invite you to join us and expand our award-winning dessert experience across the nation."

Shannon & Florian Radke
Cinnaholic Founders

You Can Be A Part Of The Cinnaholic Success Story!

In early 2009, Shannon and Florian Radke had the idea to start a business that would serve mouth-watering, gourmet, cinnamon rolls. Not just your average cinnamon roll though. The goal was to introduce a new and exciting experience by offering a variety of different frosting flavors and toppings giving the customer the ability to design their very own gourmet, custom cinnamon roll.

In June of 2010, the husband and wife team opened the first Cinnaholic store on Oxford Street in Berkeley, CA. Cinnaholic became an overnight success with lines out the door from day one. The small vegan bakery would win several awards and even got international media attention.

In 2014 Shannon and Florian Radke pitched their California-based vegan gourmet cinnamon roll shop on the ABC show “Shark Tank”. Since then the business that entices the customer to create their own custom cinnamon roll from a selection of different flavors and toppings, has become an American success story.

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"Cinnaholic is a turnkey solution that allowed us to jump straight in to owning and operating a very profitable and fulfilling business that is easy to operate. We couldn't be happier with the choice we made to join the Cinnaholic family. It's so rewarding to bring joy to people. Our customers just love our unique product and the Cinnaholic brand."

AB and Elisa Tiffee
Cinnaholic Franchise Owners

We want to invite you to join us and expand our award-winning dessert experience across the nation.

Cinnaholic is now expanding across the nation. Our start-up package includes everything you need to launch your Cinnaholic store, including help with real estate and site selection, construction, training, marketing, grand opening and more. Once you are up and running we will continue to provide operational support, ongoing marketing support and a dedicated commitment to our franchise partnership.

The Cinnaholic Success Factors


A Fast Growing Market

Nielsen reports that the bakery business is approaching $50 billion in sales annually, while people are seeking out new exciting tastes and indulgent experiences through new types of sweet baked goods.


A Truly Unique Experience

We are the only gourmet bakery that lets you customize a cinnamon roll with a variety of different frosting flavors and toppings.


Loyal Customers

A recent survey shows that 33% of our customers travel over 25 miles for our gourmet cinnamon rolls and 97% say that they would refer Cinnaholic to a friend.


Egg-Free, Dairy-Free & Vegan

Cinnaholic also caters to the growing number of people with dietary restrictions based on lifestyle choices or allergies. Studies show that consumers are looking for healthier more nutritious indulgences, or “better for you” treats that taste good.

Open Your Own Cinnaholic Franchise!

Cinnaholic is a vibrant company dedicated to providing vegan and high quality cinnamon rolls for customers who seek a fun, gourmet experience outside of restaurants or major fast food chains.