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Brand-Identity Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to explain the use of the Cinnaholic brand style and to reinforce consistent application of the visual elements in all communications. This includes store design, advertising, presentations, social media and all other marketing materials both online and offline. Guidelines on the use of the logo are included.


Our corporate identity is the face and personality of our brand presented to the global community. It’s as important as the products and services Cinnaholic provide. Our identity is the total effect of our logos, products, brand names, trademarks, advertising, brochures, and presentations— everything that represents Cinnaholic.

Because the brand cannot be compromised, we’ve created this guide to provide all the pertinent specifications you need to maintain its integrity. The guidelines set in this document are not meant to inhibit, but to improve the creative process for your store design and marketing collateral. By following these guidelines, the materials you create will represent your franchise cohesively to the outside world.

The Cinnaholic Story

When talking about your Cinnaholic franchise, it is important to tell a consistent story so you can benefit from a strong brand with a unique story.

Cinnaholic takes cinnamon rolls to gourmet levels with rolls topped with flavored frostings and toppings of your choice.

As seen on ABC’s hit show, SHARK TANK! Award-winning gourmet cinnamon rolls with over 30 different frosting flavors and a variety of different toppings. This is not your typical cinnamon roll shop. In addition to being 100% vegan, Cinnaholic offers more than just your average ‘Old Fashioned’ roll. We have a variety of different flavors that are waiting to be explored, all made with the highest quality ingredients to tickle your taste buds.

All of the products are: Dairy & lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free.

Logo Design

The company logo is an important and valued graphic element and must be used consistently and appropriately, even minor variations will undermine and compromise the image of the branding.



The “bird logo” is the primary logo of the Cinnaholic brand. It should be your first choice and used whenever possible.

The bird is derived from the traditional sailor swallow tattoo. For sailors, the swallow was associated with the idea of return. This "return" symbolism is rooted in two ideas. The first was the swallow's famous migration pattern, always returning home. Second, it was believed that if a sailor dies at sea, the birds carry his soul home to heaven.

The swallow also represents love, care and affection towards family and friends, showing the loyalty of the person always returning to them.

The Wordmark Logo

The Cinnaholic wordmark should only be used when placement dictates the use of a wide logo.

Even though the Cinnaholic word mark is designed with the "Bentham" font, please always refer to the logo file to respect the correct letter spacing. You should never recreate the wordmark logo in any other font, style or layout.

Logo Usage

Always use master artwork (see above) when reproducing any logo design. It should never be recreated under any circumstances. Always ensure you are using the correct artwork for the application. When reproducing any logo elements, only the original high resolution or vector graphic files shall be used.

Do not alter the Cinnaholic logo in any way. Do not animate, color, rotate, skew, or apply effects to the logo. Do not separate the elements. Never attempt to create the logo yourself, change the font, or alter the size or proportions. Don’t combine the logo with any other elements — such as logos, words, graphics, photos, slogans or symbols that might seem to create a hybrid mark.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 7.00.36 PM.png

Colour Scheme

Accurate reproduction of the brand color scheme is essential in communicating a clear and consistent message about the company image. The Pantone colors should be used wherever possible, with CMYK / RGB being matched as closely as possible depending on the materials and print process. Grey tones are acceptable as accent colors, in addition to the colors within the assigned scheme.

Color values:   RGB: 16 24 32  HEX: #101820  CMYK: 100 79 44 93

Color values:

RGB: 16 24 32

HEX: #101820

CMYK: 100 79 44 93

Color values:   RGB: 101 66 138  HEX: #65428A  CMYK: 58 79 0 0

Color values:

RGB: 101 66 138

HEX: #65428A

CMYK: 58 79 0 0

Color values:   RGB: 241 242 241  HEX: #F1F2F1  CMYK: values not available

Color values:

RGB: 241 242 241

HEX: #F1F2F1

CMYK: values not available

Color values:   RGB: 166 169 170  HEX: #A6A9AA  CMYK: values not available

Color values:

RGB: 166 169 170


CMYK: values not available


The primary typeface is "Georgia" with a secondary "Open Sans" to complement the primary. In addition we are using "Permanent Marker" as an accent font for signage, posters etc. These fonts have been carefully selected to best represent the brand image, and must be used to retain consistency - especially within the logo. Replacing fonts with alternatives should not be done under any circumstances.

Primary Typeface: Georgia

For longer text applications like text on our website, brochures and menus etc.

Georgia possesses characteristics that offer outstanding legibility and readability: large x-heights, open counters, high contrast between the regular and bold weights, ample letter spacing, and character designs that help distinguish commonly confused letterforms.

Secondary Typeface: Open Sans

For headings and taglines.

Open Sans is a humanist sans serif typeface. Open Sans was designed with an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

ACCENT Typeface: Permanent Marker

Now that we’ve laid the foundation with the primary and secondary typeface, it’s time for a little fun. Permanent Marker is our decorative accent typeface and is used for display cards, posters and other marketing materials.